Marcos Izaguirre


About Me

Student who enjoys working with others to develop software efficiently. Fluent in C++, python, and can quickly learn frameworks and other languages used to develop software. Seeking a position in developing and maintaing software for others.

Coding Experience

Collaborated with team of 4 in the development of turn based game using Agile/SCRUM methodology and Travis-CI.

Collaborated with team of 2 in the development of Puzzle Solver using an A.I algorithm.

Developed a Compiler for a C-like language with a partner.

Tested Software for Performance Metrics, speed and memory management.

Developed a Simulated RISC Architecture with python.



Texas State University - 2020

A 5 stage proccesor simulator that reads MIPS instructions and displays the results.


Texas State University - 2020

An algorithm that uses the A* search algorithm to find the solution to the 8-puzzle game.


Texas State University - 2020

A website developed using django and React/Redux where the user create and delete ideas.

Game Of Life

Texas State University - 2020

A program that uses the Game of Life rules to display the iterations generated.


B.A Computer Science

Texas State University
2016- 2021 | GPA: 3.67 / 4.00


Spanish - Native

English - Native


Programming languages

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C++
  • C
  • Data Analysis

  • SQL
  • FrameWorks

  • Django - React
  • Programming & Systems

  • Git - Docker - NGINX - TravisCI
  • Linux
  • Interests

  • Data Science
  • AI Applications
  • Optimization Problems
  • Games
  • Continous Development
  • Cloud Development